[My friend and Kumpadre, Dr. NOEL “BIBS” CARILO is shown in this photo doing the “THUMBS-UP” sign with his former patient MANUEL “MANNY” LOBRIGO. Seventeen (17) years ago, MANNY who figured in a vehicular accident in the province and who was then suffering from an OPEN TYPE III-C Tibia fracture was operated on by BIBS on a Christmas day. BIBS said that if MANNY would have been late for another day (the operation was done actually after 48 hours from the time of the accident), such could have cost MANNY’s life as MANNY’s leg was gangrenous already. After that successful operation, MANNY traveled to AUSTRIA and got educated therein. MANNY has just finished his MASTERAL and is now pursuing his PhD. Now, MANNY who just passed by BIBS’ clinic to thank BIBS, is actually a TRIATHLETE, while he is profuse with similar thanks to AUSTRIA’s excellent sports program. CONGRATS TO BOTH OF YOU…MANNY and BIBS.]

The name NOEL is absolutely enticing,

For it means CHRISTMAS with such  wondrous TIDING1;

It even is derived from the name  EMMANUEL,

…which means “GOD IS WITH US”, ‘tis truly so well!



It would not be therefore surprising,

That my friend NOEL would be laboring;

On a CHRISTMAS day– if it is to CARE,

For a hurting patient, who could have been a GONER 2 !





Indeed, my friend BIBS is NURTURING  and CARING,

“Tis as though the first letters of his names were put coinciding;

The N and the C are for NOEL and CARILO,

Even his surname CARILO fits with the word CARING too!




And a couple of days past, BIBS’ past patient arrived,

Not for consultation for he’s well and so ALIVE;

It was indeed so gratifying — said NOEL,

It fattened BIBS’ heart, it’s as though he uttered a magic spell3!




Seemed like magic; for Manny was with a broken shin-bone,

That was 17 years ago, when it seemed a hopeless condition;

As it was CHRISTMAS then, and a long HOLIDAY—

A time when most doctors would usually be FAR AWAY4!





When Manny emerged recently at BIBS’5 clinic,

It’s as though Manny never suffered a nick6 ;

Except for the lower left limb with a PROSTHETIC,

Manny could even pass as a champion- athletic!



But alas and ahoy; Manny is indeed a TRIATHLETE,

After the operation, he went to OSTERREICH7;

Educated therein up to his MASTERAL,

He’s now pursuing PhD, ‘tis so PHENOMENAL!



It is good to have a friend like NOEL,

He is a true physician of the uppermost SCALE;

He’s an EXPERT — and he’ll never ever forsake ANY ONE,

For he indeed, is a TRUE SON OF A GUN8!





[Legend: 1 – TIDING means NEWS and that WONDROUS TIDING on Christmas day is the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.
2 – It was the very word used by MANUEL “MANNY” LOBRIGO, BIBS patient who was brought for a surgical operation under BIBS’ care. Indeed, BIBS told me that if MANNY could have been one more day late, it could have cost his life (as he would have suffered from septic shock and he would have expired), as MANNY’s leg was then gangrenous already.
3 – BIBS said that when MANNY showed up at his clinic, a couple of days past; BIBS asked MANNY what was his problem as BIBS actually never recognized MANNY. In BIBS’ subconscious – it is as though he struck a magic wand, and in his inner vision, BIBS saw a quick metamorphosis  from the bloodied and gashed youthful MANNY of 17 years ago and the full-grown man teeming with confidence and pride of MANNY  today — a triathlete laboring hard for his PhD.
4 – FAR AWAY – usually during the Christmas holidays, most professionals such as doctors would schedule a family escapade or a trip either out-of-town or out-of-the-country to serve as time to unwind and relax and/or refresh.
5 – BIBS is Dr. NOEL B. CARILO’s  nickname.
6 – NICK is a gash or a wound. 
7 –OSTERREICH is the former name of AUSTRIA.
8 – SON OF A GUN is an exclamation or a noun in American and British English. It can be used encouragingly or to compliment, as in “You son of a gun, you did it!” Or may be used sarcastically, as in “You son of a gun, that’s not how you do it!” The Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary and Webster’s Dictionary both define “son of a gun” in American English as a euphemism for son of a bitch. Encarta Dictionary defines the term in a different way as someone “affectionately or kindly regarded”. The term is used in this FUN-RHYME BLOG as a compliment and as an affectionate and kind regard for my friend and KUMPADRE, Dr. NOEL B. CARILO, a savior himself like OUR LORD!]


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