[On Saturday, March 18, 2017; the ASPAC (acronym for ATENEO SCHOOLS PARENTS COUNCIL)  officers trekked to ANGELFIELDS Nature Sanctuary in Silang, Cavite for a TEAM BONDING escapade. The joiners among the EXECOM  were as follows: Prexy Doc Andy K. Tan, VP Katty Ngsuy Sy, Sec. Isa B. Concepcion, Treasurer Juliet P. Remorque and IPP Raul B. Panlasiqui. Board members who joined were: Mes. Tess Cordero, Rosalia M. Lim, Edna B. Natividad, Marylou D. Castillo, Cathy N. Perez, Malou Ozaeta, Emily dela Cruz; and Messrs. Nap G. Quejada,  and Joselito B. Reyes. Among the YEAR LEVEL Representatives, the joiners were: Mes. Cindy Franco, Rose Roque, Digna B. Gavina, Cynthia L. Ong; and Messrs. Andy F. Puen, Chris A. David and Wally T. Young; and last but not the least, ASPAC Secretary, Ms. Joan Nette Laurente.]

Itong araw ng Sabadong nakaraan,

Dalawampu’t dalawang ASPAC members ay naglaan;

Oras at panahon para sa naka-sked na TEAM BONDING,

Nauwi itong panimula sa masayang GROUP JUMPING!




Sa ANGELFIELDS Nature Sanctuary,

Isang EVENTS PLACE sa Silang, Cavite;

Sumugod ang ASPAC council members,

…ang mga ladies-parents mistulang naging GIRLS!





Wika nga ni Prexy Doc Andy Tan,

Parang nakawala sa kani-kanilang tahanan;

At sa animo’y tuktok ng isang HILL,

Naglundagan ang GIRLS nang GIGIL na GIGIL!




At hindi pa nasiyahan sa iisang LUNDAG,

Patuloy silang nagkakawag-kawag;

Animo’y mga pang-POCHERONG DALAG1,

Kaya’t si RAUL1a  ay nagutom kaagad!

aspac-solo-jump[Ms. EDNA NATIVIDAD while doing a SOLO JUMP.] 



Matapos mag-lundagan ala GROUP JUMPING1b,

Pumasok naman si EDNA2 sa kanyang SOLO JUMPING;

Aba at may hamon pa kung anong lundag ang mas-mataas,

Kaya naman ang BOYS tumalon nang LAGASLAS!3




Nang inihain na ang BUFFET4 na pananghalian,

Una’y ang PRUTAS at LETTUCE salad ang syang nilantakan;

Ang galing na recado ang giniling na danggit5,

Si TESS6 at si DIGNA7   sa SALAD ay nagpa-ulit-ulit!




Masarap at malasa ang SALPICAO TUNA,

Kaya pati ako syang aking ini-UNA;

Nang inilabas ang CHEESECAKE na siyang naging special DESSERT,

Nilantakan naman ito ni CYNTHIA8 at ni NETTE9!


[At the ITALIAN cuisine restaurant, the BUON GIORNO RESTO.] 

Pagkatapos makapamasyal sa loob ng ANGELFIELDS,

At nadalaw na rin ang CASITAS10 sa may western fringe;

Nagmeryenda naman sa BUON GIORNO RESTO11,

PASTA, PIZZA at PAN na masarap isawsaw sa PESTO!




Ginampanang TUNAY ng PREXY12 na sobrang GENEROUS;

Naging matagumpay ito at pasasamaha’y naging BIBO13,

Sa susunod naman daw ay sa DAET14 ang syang DESTINO15.


[ASPAC Prexy Doc Andy K. Tan photographed with the ASPAC girls at the viewing deck inside the Food Park near the BUON GIORNO Restaurant at the Cavite Cliffhouse, Aguinaldo Avenue, Tagaytay City.]


[Legend: 1 – POCHERONG DALAG is a delicious dish of stewed medium-sized and fresh mudfish with tomato sauce, saba bananas or plantain bananas, sweet potatoes and cabbage. The special cooking method of  this pocherong dalag dish is via frying the fish first before stewing it. By analogy, the ASPAC girls are deemed as MEDIUM-SIZED and FRESH, whatever that term means…MEDIUM-SIZED perhaps; but Atty. Raul B. Panlasiqui will surely OBJECT to using the term FRESH especially if that would include Ms. Cindy Franco…well, good Cindy is not in the photo…he,he,he…  
1a- RAUL is Atty. Raul Zosimo B. Panlasiqui who is ASPAC’s Immediate Past President and member of ASPAC’s Executive Committee.
1b- This craze of GROUP JUMPING where the JUMP is caught on camera (while the “jumpers” are up in the air) has somewhat become a trend in the metropolis.
2 – EDNA is Ms. Edna B. Natividad who is currently board member of ASPAC.
3 – LAGASLAS is a Tagalog term which means NOISY or not attuned or not so precise or not in complete harmony. The term is used here to describe the BOISTEROUS and AWRY manner by which the ASPAC Boys did their GROUP JUMP for  photo-taking. Andy Puen got caught as merely faking a JUMP…it was excusable as Andy was in fact nursing an injured leg. On the GIRLS side, Ms. Juliet Remorque was nursing a slight fever; but then when the JUMPING started, it would seem the FEVER jumped out of Ms. Juliet…he,he,he…  
4 – The BUFFET which was that lunch-buffet served and had at the Café Bernardo of ANGELFIELDS consisted of the following: ASSORTED FRUITS, ROMAINE and ANCHOVY SALAD, CHICKEN LEMONGRASS, TUNA SALPICAO, KARE-KARE and PARSLEY RICE. For the special dessert, it was CRÈME BRULEE and CHEESECAKE.
5 – The ground and almost powdery –toasted DANGGIT was used as ingredient for the salad. As I am unaware of the English equivalent of DANGGIT, I used the term ANCHOVY (i.e. DILIS) as the taste of both DANGGIT and DILIS is almost the same.
6 – TESS is Ms. Maritess  S. Cordero who is currently board member of the ASPAC. 
7 – DIGNA is Dr. Digna L.B. Gavina who is currently a Year Level Representative of the ASPAC.
8 – CYNTHIA is Ms. Cynthia L. Ong who is currently a Year Level Representative of the ASPAC.
9 – NETTE is Ms. Joan Nette Laurente who is the Secretary of the ASPAC.
11 – BUON GIORNO is an Italian-cuisine restaurant situated within a virtual FOOD PARK at the Cavite Cliffhouse, Aguinaldo Avenue, Tagaytay City. The FOOD PARK features a viewing deck which affords the customers-guests a scenic view of the Taal Volcano and the Taal Lake from up and afar.
12 – PREXY is ASPAC’s generous President, Doc Alejandro “Andy” Tan.
13 –     BIBO is a Tagalog term actually, a corruption of the Spanish word “VIVO” which means LIVELY and FUN-FILLED.
14 – DAET – refers to the hometown of Atty. Marylou D. Castillo who is presently a member of the Board of Directors of ASPAC.
15 – DESTINO is a Tagalog term and corruption of the Spanish word DESTINO which refers to a DESTINATION. The term is used herein as referring to a tourist destination as Atty. Castillo made an open invitation, inviting the whole of the ASPAC to a holiday trip to DAET ( ASPAC’s next tour destination) as ASPAC’s next TEAM BONDING destination trip/escapade.]

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