[I got  invited by my good friend Mon Maronilla to serve as presentor of awards at the Mr. & Ms. CMU Pageant (on the very day of the BEAUTY PAGEANT itself) in connection with the 23rd anniversary foundation on February 17, 2017 of the City of Malabon University, a city university where Mon is the University President! It was joyful, colorful and exciting! Congrats to the 2017 Mr. & Ms. CMU! I wish to add that I was amazed with the caliber of the contestants who showed wonderful demeanor and bearing and displayed their witty intelligence as they answered the questions with much profundity. CONGRATULATIONS IS IN ORDER FOR BOTH THE STUDENTS AND THE OFFICIALS OF THE UNIVERSITY, particularly the University President, Atty. Ramon M. Maronilla. My friend Mon is also the incumbent President of the UP Alumni Association, whose tenure ends in 2018 yet. Commendations and a note of congratulations are also due the local government unit of the City of Malabon particularly  Mayor Lenlen Oreta, who has perseveringly supported the CMU.]



It was good Mon Maronilla1 invited me to the PAGEANT,

‘Twas a nice chance to see talent and who’ll eventually be regnant;

Mon Maronilla is the benign Prexy of  CMU2,

That’s acronym for CITY of MALABON UNIVERSITY…you know—



I eventually would become presentor of awards,

With Mon in fact, as he’s the father of those wards;

They were rooting for their respective


There were FOUR pairs of handsome guys & dazzling maids!



Mayor Lenlen Oreta started  the pageant rolling,

And Mon kept all the people trolling3;

They were enticed and were truly allured,

As the contestants were all pretty and  so coutured4!




As Mon delivered his welcome speech,

There were jeering and cheering in every corner and niche;

And as Mon declared — “LET THE SHOW BEGIN”,

The pomp and revelry have truly sunk in!



They were truly ostentatiously attired,

Like fairies and nymphs as well as enchanting masculines; 

Their costumes appeared too exotic,

Their props and seeming capes looked truly ecstatic!



And the swim wear march on the stage,

It’s as if they were dainty birds on a golden cage;

They were making their feathers so fluffy and creamy,

Indeed, they walked so sparklingly ornamental; yet so tidy!




And the evening-wear sashaying & traipsing,

It’s as if they were flamingoes wading;

And their cadence and the tempo and their oft-bewitching swing,

They truly looked like precious jewels on a string!



Finally, the QUESTION and ANSWER portion,

It’s as though that part was the MAIN crucible of the session;

And then every answer that was there expressed,

Came as though they were so wittingly rehearsed5!



But as they really worked hard for the awards,

I would say they deserve those sequined sashes/sparkling lanyards;

And for the KING and QUEEN of the SHOW,

Those CROWNs were so truly nice as gifts to bestow!










[Legend: 1 – My good friend Mon Maronilla aka Atty. Ramon M. Maronilla who is the University President of CMU aka City of Malabon University invited me to act as PRESENTOR of AWARDS in the Mr. & Ms. CMU Beauty Pageant, in connection with the 23rd anniversary of the University’s foundation.
2 – The CMU aka City of Malabon University was established in 1994 to provide quality collegiate education to the hoi polloi; the masses and the common people of the City of Malabon. I was amazed by the way the contestants answered the questions propounded unto them as they answered the questions with depth and profundity in English even.
3 – TROLLING is used here to mean ENTICING; as my friend Mon kept them in seeming suspense as he thereafter announced the START of the PAGEANTRY.
4 – COUTURED means well-dressed. It would appear that the school authorities at CMU engaged the services of a topnotch couturier/haberdasher to come up with the attractive dresses and dazzling suits of the ladies and gentlemen-contestants as well as the swim wear attire.
5 – During the QUESTION and ANSWER portion; while the contestants were asked to pick at random from a sheaf of folded stationery, it was as though the contestants were reading their answers from a folio. It would only show that all the contestants prepared well and studied hard for the Q & A portion of the pageant. The winning contestant even adduced an answer in impeccable English with finesse and much profundity. Indeed, one would be swayed to perceive that the Q & A was sort of rehearsed; but the fact that one of the contestants came out with a much profound answer, is indication that the session was an impromptu thing. It is therefore something that makes CMU deserving of KUDOS for both its students and its officials.

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