[My late mother has incessantly advised us not to ride a motor bike as bad experiences about bike accidents were aplenty even then. Well, yesterday afternoon–I experienced my first motorcycle piggy-back ride with GARY as the BIKE’s pilot (as I do not know how to drive it) yesterday afternoon just to do an errand for my youngest daughter ALEE. I got so excited as ALEE needed some packaging stuff for her purported NEW BUSINESS; and the thought of enhancing her entrepreneurial proclivity  egged me to do the RIDE. I sort of told myself that Shayna & Cheska working on their dance studio and specialty-apparel  business, Tonton’s partnering in a RESTO business and ALEE’s bag/pouch trading business…well, I and Dang will be among a company of capable, clever, and cheery YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS! Incidentally, the BIKE RIDE with GARY was ZESTFUL and WILD. Left and right photos are those of ALEE; middle photo shows myself doing a piggy-back ride on GARY’s BIKE.]

Just this morning I received a text,

From a pretty banker who’s from EAST-WEST1;

It’s about my youngest daughter’s2 account,

She said my ALEE withdrew a big amount3.


And so I got swayed to call her fast,

If that’s the case, ALEE’s credit won’t surely last;

But I was given a credible explanation,

Her action was some kind of entrepreneurial resolution!


ALEE said that she’s opening a business,

And she’ll be selling some specialty pouches;

She’ll do her business venture ON LINE,

She boasted that her goods are one of a kind!


I got a  bit animated and excited,

This ON LINE business has really sprouted;

And as the trend which has now been in VOGUE,

They use computers and cellphones as CATALOGUE!


As I was out of office for an engagement,

ALEE dropped by and made proud her comment;

That she has quickly closed some deals,

My staff and lawyers burst out some peals!


 And as I returned to my office at around 4 PM,

I was told ALEE needed some packaging which should be the KEM4;

ALEE specified that it must be paper-based,

As she’ll adorn it and make it elegantly-laced.



As the excitement within me got ENHANCED,

I had to rush to Farmers’ Market5  near EDSA;

But as I had to keep an appointment at 5 PM,

I had to do the PURCHASE in a quick GLEAM6!



As FARMERS’ MARKET7 was surely  congested,

As it happens always every Valentine’s EVE;

I asked our office assistant GARY,

Who drives a motorcycle, as he doesn’t TARRY!




And GARY’s BIKE did in fact GLIDE and SLIDE;

I even got the chills when a MOTORCYCLED TRAFFIC ENFORCER8,

Almost bumped our BIKE as though a STALKER!

And I was able to buy the mid-sized PAPER BAGS,

To insure that ALEE would not have some order-lags;

And it would really be EXHILARATING,

If ALEE’s business would really do a KILLING9.




As in fact despite the traffic jam, the delay was NARY;

We drove outbound in a FLASH,

And we arrived on time at the office in a DASH!



But this will be my FIRST and LAST BIKE RIDE,

Just to make ALEE’s business to start, SO ALIVE;

Though it’s been said that when you ride a BIKE,

You’d often collide against a DIKE or get a ticket for a RIKE10!!!!



[Legend: 1 – Ms. Paula Katrina Labao is the officer at the EAST-WEST Bank located along P. Tuazon Avenue who assisted my youngest daughter Ma. Winnalee (“Alee”) E. Young when she opened a bank account. Alee is a freshman at the ATENEO DE MANILA UNIVERSITY taking up a course in Management.
2 – Alee opened that bank account early this year after receiving cash and check gifts during her debut party on November 6, 2016  as well as during the Yuletide season.
3 – Ms. Labao actually texted to me the relatively huge amount which Alee withdrew from the bank.
4 – KEM means CHAMPION and is used in this FUN-RHYME BLOG as some kind of quality that ought to be surpassed or some kind of WINNING QUALITY or HIGH QUALITY of that packaging stuff.
5 – FARMERS’ MARKET is usually a buyer’s favorite destination to buy almost  all kinds of stuff.
6 – GLEAM is used here to mean a FLASH, some kind of a quick thing.
7 – FARMERS’ MARKET actually features a FLOWER SECTION which becomes so CONGESTED during Valentine’s Day eve due to the onrush of people wanting to buy FLOWERS particularly RED ROSES for their loved ones.
8 – The traffic enforcer which almost figured in a near collision with GARY’s bike was a Barangay Traffic Enforcer and actually a friend of my brother William, who is himself a Barangay Kagawad in Barangay San Roque in Cubao, Quezon City.
9 – The idiomatic expression “MAKE A KILLING” means to make a huge profit.
10 – RIKE means an offense or a misdemeanor and used here to refer to a traffic offense or traffic misdemeanor. ]

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