[The top left photo captured the OPPA GANGNAM STYLE dance which we (myself, my brother Warren, Jun Revilla and Jovy Gambol as well as Mamang Haide’s son Joey) scandalously performed. It was danced  during the 90th birthday celebration of Mamang Haide at the ONE ESPLANADE Events Place within the SM MOA Complex in Pasay City, Metro-Manila in 2013. Bottom left photo shows Mamang Haide clutching a bouquet of pink roses taken during the simple 94th birthday celebration on January 14, 2017 among her close kin. But the GRAND BIRTHDAY BASH in honor of Mamang Haide will still be held at the Manila Yacht Club on February 25, 2017.  Left photo shows Mamang Haide  in all her splendor during her younger years; truly queenly, so noble, so alluring and so majestic!]



The name HAIDE is of Spanish ORIGIN,

It actually means – “OF NOBLE KIN”;

Mamang Haide is truly a mother for ALL,

She’s so QUEENLY and loving, so sweet at the BALL.



It was FOUR years ago; that’s in 2013,

When Joey* and I thought of dancing like TEENS;

It was to surprise Mamang Haide on her 90th BIRTHDAY,

‘Twas colorful, exciting and a DANCE seemed OKEY.



We had to do some REHEARSALS,

And engaged true PROFESSIONALS;

For we had to show off & dance OPPA GANGNAM STYLE,

…As we didn’t want to court the ire of South Korea’s PSY!



The BALL was fantastic; Mamang Haide was in RED,

And the festive atmosphere, so majestic INDEED;

And the improvised DAIS where we did the DANCING,

Mamang Haide sat on a throne, so nobly BEFITTING!



Indeed, Mamang’s full name is MONARCHIAL, OFFHAND;

For TIROL connotes actually a CROWN LAND —

While SOLIDUM denotes part of a PEDESTAL,

A podium where ROYALTY stands– so EXCEPTIONAL!



Indeed, at the 90th birthday BALL,

Mamang Haide traipsed like a queen within the  HALL;

But when she witnessed her son Joey’s DANCING,

Her traipsing ended up in some sort of LEAPING!


Antique humor cartoon illustration: Dancing couple
Antique humor cartoon illustration: Dancing couple

Mamang’s heart leapt indeed as Joey pranced and GAMBOLED,

Mimicking PSY with fervor and with true gay ABANDON;

For Mamang got so impressed and she   was bent to call an ENCORE,

Their CLAN not only is NOBLE but is proud to be with a TERPSICHORE!




It seems an ENCORE is truly in the OFFING;

The venue appears to be at the YACHT CLUB,

We’ll  wine us up; as though we’re in a PUB.




Indeed, we dancers need some perking up,

And wine is just alright — but in cup;

So those noble guests would truly feel assured,

We’ll not act like “DRUNKEN MASTERS”** as though detoured.


And all our aspirations would truly BE,

To make Mamang Haide as HAPPY as a BEE;

That would be on her coming GRAND BIRTHDAY BASH!

Which would happen in February’s Saturday’s LAST.



[*Joey is Jose Tirol Solidum, eldest son of Mamang Haide, and my KUMPADRE. The photos featured here are courtesy of Joey’s better half–the sweet and equally alluring Kumadreng LYD!]
[** DRUNKEN MASTER was a popular movie in 1979 which featured famous actor Jackie Chan as a notoriously intoxicated martial arts master. And he would fight off his enemies in said movie doing his martial arts stances as though a drunk dancer traipsing and prancing (as though losing his balance), just like our OPPA GANGNMAM STYLE dance in Mamang Haide’s 90th birthday ball. Well, we”ll do better at our ENCORE on February 25, 2017.]

Here is a VIDEO of the DANCE:

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