[Our twice-a-week YOGA sessions at the Badminton Hall went into some kind of hibernation following the renovation/repair of the Badminton Hall as well as due to the diminishing number of attendees with the advent of the Yuletide season last year. YOGA resumption will start on Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 6:30 PM sharp (initially on a once-a-week sked). It is felt that for being FREE, there is no urgent compulsion created to attend. I wrote this BLOG as some kind of enticement to lure back those who have been regular attendees of the FREE YOGA sessions, but now with a unique RIDER…FINES for those who will be TARDY and/or ABSENT. This BLOG is aimed too at promoting SPORTS and to make an impression that indulging in such ENDORPHIN-GENERATING activity knows no age limit. I actually plucked a photo of DESHUN WANG, the famed Chinese Hottest Grandpa (as shown in the bottom right photo),  to stress that even at age 80 one can still do weights and look fit, slim and dandy. But the BADMINTON sked will continue unaltered, TTH at 6:00 PM and 7:30 AM on Sundays. ] 

When one reaches seniority age,

It is as though one has turned  a page;

‘Tis has indeed turned into attending sad funerals instead of jolly baptismals,

And of reading obituaries in those crisp periodicals.



And people would be wont to say,

If you’d become sedentary as a lazy prey;

You’ll be noosed and eventually would feel to have gone BOOZED…

As though seeing a vision of  nirvana; you’ve VAMOOSED1!  



But DEATH is something that’s certain,

Though it’s best to prolong life in this terrain;

And as health gurus would repeatedly prescribe,

Indulge in SPORTS, do EXERCISE… to survive!



Dad Max embraced BADMINTON at FORTY;

Well, I did the same choice at FIFTY;

But what has surprised me , as I thought it so RISKY,

My DAD-IN-LAW2 did weights at SEVENTY.



So, there never indeed is a LATE START,

For those who want to have a nice LIFE-CHART;

Let’s imitate the Chinese DESHUN WANG3,

Worked his abs at 70; walked the ramp at 80 — like the model NESSMAN4.



So, if you truly love your child and your APO5,

Indulge in SPORTS and do EXERCISE, con TODO6!

For it’s the way to bring out the ENDORPHINS’ OPIOIDS,

It’s that thing that brings EUPHORIA and makes lighter LIFE’s POIDS7!


And I’ve loved and played the SHUTTLECOCK ride,

And practiced YOGA on the side;

For BATTLEDORE8  enhances one’s reflexes and AGILITY,

While YOGA is said to increase BONE DENSITY!



ENDORPHINS are released during those strenuous exercise,

It’s ENDOGENOUS and not available at those health shops;

With the ensuing EUPHORIA, you’d  really feel TOPS!

It’s actually referred to as the sportsman’s or RUNNER’s HIGHS,



But as has been oftenly said,

Life on EARTH would seem as though a FUSILLADE;

A barrage of problems that causes STRESS,

For which cause… SPORTS or EXERCISE is the way to DE-STRESS!



But LIFE must always be continuously GUIDED,

By YAHWEH or ALLAH or a by a supreme GODHEAD;

For LIFE indeed is just a borrowed thing,

We never even paid for it, not even a farthing!



So let’s savor LIFE and take care of it,

Attaining RUNNER’S HIGH is truly narcotic;

So, if all will become addicted to SPORTS,

Our nation would turn out as a MODEL, of sorts.



If you feel afraid of a SPORTS hustle, bustle and jostle,

Pick an activity that’s not much of a HASSLE;

YOGA stands out as there’s no jumping & running,

It is actually just a lot of bending & stretching!



And all the EJK9 will be a thing of the past,

DRUGS will lose the lure, SPORTS will be the nation’s repast;

And pretty soon, our country would fare best at OLYMPICS,

A resounding SUCCESS, even perhaps in PARALYMPICS!




So make time for SPORTS and EXERCISE,

It’s an obligation and a chance to EXORCISE;

Those ailments and pains and such little aching…

For if you’re fit and slim, you’d feel like a KING!



[1- Vamoose actually means to depart hurriedly. Used here to inoffensively mean “to die”]
[2- My Dad-in-Law, Antonio Evangelista, actually started to do WEIGHTS  at age 70 and he indeed  turned up with nice-looking pectorals, biceps and triceps.]
[3-Mr. DESHUN WANG, the octogenarian Chinese from Beijing, who really was so determined at  avoiding mental and physical stagnation, explored new skills and ideas while devoting ample time to daily exercise. At age 80, he walked the runway for the first time, and his physique caused a  national sensation. He takes obvious joy in subverting China’s image of what it means to be old.]
[4- Simon NESSMAN, a 27 year old Canadian, is currently one among the top world’s male model.]
[5-APO is a Tagalog word which means a GRANDCHILD.]
[6-CON TODO is a Spanish phrase which means WITH  EVERYTHING or  TOTALLY.]
[7-POIDS is a French word which means BURDENS.]
[8-BATTLEDORE is the Medieval name for the game we know now as BADMINTON.]

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