[During the funeral wake at the Aglipayan Church in Santa Cruz, Laguna; Tia Loling’s grandkids were nostalgically reminiscing the happy moments they shared during their relatively recent holiday trips to Hongkong and Bangkok; which trips were principally  bank-rolled by Tia Loling. Their focus was on the way Tia Loling would expertly slip into her luggage big receptacles of cooked food which usually would be those saucy types of food. And they would always feel so afraid that the airport guards would find those food receptacles and would consequently confiscate them all. But, Tia Loling’s BAON (i.e. Filipino word for packed meals or food) would always be not detected. The grandkids eventually became so grateful to their Lola Loling when after a hectic day of loitering and gallivanting in the streets of Bangkok, and arriving at their hotel so famished and tired ( with adjoining restos in the vicinity already closed), they feasted with gusto on their Lola Loling’s BAON. Photo above shows the late MATRIARCH OF OUR CLAN, TIA LOLING, dressed in a red gown during her 95th birthday celebration in March 29, 2015.]

Tia Loling lived up to 96 and that’s sweet,

She wanted perhaps…to lighten up her complexion;

With a soap that was not cheap, maybe as a treat—

‘Twas preparing for a reunion, unto her final destination.

But her kith and kin cannot but reminisce,

Those words of wisdom that she would share,

  with polish—

She would always advise that if you earn, say 100;

You’d have to save a tenth, to prepare for the dread.

The dread of a typhoon or the loss of an occupation,

Even the dread of an unforeseen hospitalization;

It was basic indeed for Tia Loling’s prodding,

For she herself practiced whatever she was preaching.

And though a nonagenarian, she’s almost centenarian,

Her memory and thinking capacity,  truly is a STUN!

For she could declaim with much gesticulation,

Lincoln’s Gettysburg speech sans any flawed locution.

And Tia Loling’s proclivity to bring BAON on trips,

She won’t ignore this bent even travelling on a jet;

For during their travels to Hongkong & Bangkok,

Won’t miss the BAON, as if she’s with a portable


Though the grandkids ridiculed her penchant

     to bring BAON on trips;

They got stupefied with Tia Loling’s gimmicks,

For when they returned to their inn after those hectic


With restos already closed, the BAON served them best.

And they got all the more truly mesmerized,

As to how Tia Loling would hypnotize the guard;

Be it customs or immigration; when her luggage is


As though the food receptacles are not in her  valise.

Her conservation, preservation and cost-saving tips,

Sometimes could even prod a Jewish to do a series of flips;

For she seldom uses power for light as lumination;

If you can see her in the dark, ‘tis OK—no need to ask question.

But the most important legacy from my beloved auntie,

Was the FEAR OF GOD and the need to pray DAILY;

For as she has always reminded us with much pointed STRESS,

The GOLDEN RULE must be conformed until in ETERNAL PEACE

  you REST.

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