[President Rodrigo Roa Duterte was labeled by former Congressman Neri Colmenares in last night’s ANC talk-show TV program hosted by Ms. Tina Monzon-Palma as parochial and “prosecutorial” in his point of view in relation to the Marcos burial issue. Colmenares was insistent that the AFP Rules allowing the burial of FM at the LNMB was not in accord with certain constitutional provisions. But, as it is elementary in law,  any rule or law must have to be first assailed or stricken off as unconstitutional before deference to it could be legally proscribed. On the other hand, political analyst Ramon Casiple also prognosticated, in the same TV show, that if it would turn out that Pres. Duterte has wittingly allied himself unto  the Marcoses in their supposed “plot” to return to Malacañang in the near future, that Casiple said… would spell President Duterte’s doom. Well… let’s see what would happen next. As it would seem that the anti-Marcos protesters are invariably focused on the so-called MARCOS’ ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH despite the fact that 890 of those cases filed against the Marcoses have been DISMISSED (only 10 cases have remained pending) due to INSUFFICIENCY OF EVIDENCE, I have decided to write this FUN RHYME BLOG on this matter of supposedly ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH.]

When Cory Aquino came to power,

Her very first EXECUTIVE ORDER—

Quickly declared the Marcos family,

As PLUNDERERS sans any court decree.


It was a revolutionary government– which got declared,

For which reason– Cory’s words turned “SACRED”;

Thus, sans the standard and required DUE PROCESS,

Cory’s declaration as head of   “revolution”, was deemed “BEST”!


Marcos attempted all persuasion,

Using Johnny Enrile in most occasion;

To allow Marcos’ return to the nation,

For him to present a valid explanation.


But Johnny’s persuasion too… was futile,

Cory relied on advisers who were inutile;

Fearful that if Marcos is allowed to return,

Loyalists in the ARMY may be swayed to effect an overturn.


Perhaps by reason of Enrile’s non-cessation,

Of persuading Cory to accord some concession;

Cory may have gotten irked and her solution—

Was Johnny’s sacking — ‘tis awful damnation.


So, the wealth of Marcos remained UNEXPLAINED,

The use of the word ILL-GOTTEN is sort of STRAINED;

A well-researched book is indeed in the OFFING,

Let’s read it first …and stop for a while those severe SCOFFING.


Though I haven’t read the book yet,

As the publisher would have to come out with a PRESS KIT;

But talks on the YAMASHITA treasures still persist;

It’s part of the Marcos’ wealth… I dare insist.


But my clever UP Law classmate DODGIE FERRER…

Has floated some cronies who returned their share;

Well, I’ll also admit that in those yesteryears,

Largesse from rich cronies are usual—‘tis for CHEERS!


Going back to that valid explanation,

As to where and from whom,  those wealth came along;

Let us wait for the book with complete documentation—

And I am sure our waiting will not be for long.


But as far as I can reminisce and see,

And I wish DODGIE FERRER to take a look-see;

If the charge is that Marcos purloined US $ 10 Billion,

How can that be if his 20-year regime got funded with ONLY Php 426 Billion!


Consider too that in Marcos’ 20 year rule,

He built the most roads and many infrastructure;

 His record as BUILDER of bridges, roads, hospitals and schools,

Haven’t yet been outpaced by his combined predecessors or successors.


So now before we label Marcos’ wealth,

Let’s use for a time, an apt sobriquet;

KLEPTOCRAT, is I think inapt and aghast,

OIKODOCRAT would be apt, as it means BUILDER— so vast!



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