[“The Philippine economy could hit growth levels of as much as 10% in 2017 on the strength of the 10-point economic agenda of PRESIDENT RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE’s ADMINISTRATION, with consumption-driven expansion fueled by low inflation and a mild interest-rate environment.” This is the doughty prediction of the usually staid and conservative University of Asia and the Pacific, an institution run by the Catholic Opus Dei. Skeptics however are  disparaging this economic forecast by posing the question as to which industries and/or sectors would bring such a boon. Well, I dare say that one of those boon-pushers would be the TOURISM INDUSTRY which would surely register at least 100 per cent growth in tourists’ arrivals coming from CHINA. The AGRICULTURAL SECTOR will also be a favored recipient of the BOON as the importation ban of fruits from the Philippines has been lifted by CHINA. Imagine a scenario of just 700 Million Chinese of their almost 1.5 Billion populace gobbling up a Philippine banana once a week.  The CONSTRUCTION sector will also enjoy a BONANZA as the demand for hotel rooms will surely go ascending. Finally, most anti-Duterte  fanatics among our countrymen have started deprecating those incoming hordes of CHINESE tourists, by saying that those CHINESE are GROSS, NASTY and UNEDUCATED. But that is part of the tourist trade and we ought to remember that though perhaps we have wonderful  scenic spots and tourists destinations, we ought not to feel so conceited and arrogant as we actually do not have an ultra-luxurious, chic and elegant ST. MORITZ of the SWISS Alps nor the mysterious and glamorous golden beaches, sacred ruins, luxurious spas, challenging golf courses and charming local souks of Marrakesh in Morocco. Also, the Chinese tourists actually range from the HOI POLLOI types coming mostly from the GUIZHOU region and the filthy rich of SHANGHAI. Let’s welcome them both with our open arms of Filipino warmth and hospitality.]

My fraternity brother Chet Medina,

Has openly been deprecating CHINA;

With stentorian voice—he said: “CHINESE TOURISTS are gross!”

But he might have indeed forgotten,  CHINA has now become BOSS…


CHINA has in fact topped the LIST,

Of WORLD TOURISM SPENDERS, ‘tis not a myth;

For when they go on travelling,

Their priority is  no-end splurging and boastful spending!


They complain that Chinese tourists urinate,

They say, that they won’t even respect BUDDHA’s pate;

They do that in Thailand, but here in our country, oh man—

There’s not even a sacred  BUDDHA stand…


In Japan, those Chinese prick the pretty blossoms,

They in fact cut the trees and the rhizomes;

But those cherry blossoms though so rare,

They just bloom and blossom in April!


Those mishaps are just part of the tourist trade,

And we ought not by those, be delayed;

For those Chinese tourists have been waiting,

Though they’re gross; surely they’ll go shopping.


By promoting tourism in our country,

We must be ready and be sure not to tarry;

We must not be like a princess so choosy,

For if tourists come by, our economy will be truly rosy!


Indeed, we neither have a St. Moritz in our midst,

Nor do we have Morocco’s Marrakesh;

But what is important to our economy,

Those Chinese tourists… to bring dollars and more RENMINBI!


Huānyíng yóukè







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