[In 2009, I enrolled in a YOGA class after my brother-in-law Oscar Evangelista lured me into it. It was a splendid and exhilarating experience as I eventually learned the host of its healthful benefits such as enhancing one’s flexibility and agility, improving one’s sense of balance, enriching the bones’ density, etc. After pouring in some money into the YOGA monthly fees; in 2010, I decided (as I have already memorized the postures) to do it alone (translating some funds into savings) as some kind of SOLO practice. Thereafter, I egged my Law Firm members and staff to join me, using the badminton hall which adjoins our Law Office as venue. I eventually turned out to become a self-appointed YOGA guru as I have even precisely mimicked the  customary instructional orders barked out by the certified YOGA mentor during those early YOGA sessions into which I enrolled. Excited with my new-found preoccupation, I even financed the purchase of a bundle of yoga mats and slew of towels just as to entice more joiners; for with more people around, and in the midst of the attendant joking and teasing, the otherwise taxing, strenuous and   grueling YOGA practice becomes a bit, an enjoying experience. Though we had days where the venue was FULL, but as there was no COMPULSION to regularly JOIN, there were times when I will be sweating it out with just a couple or even a solo joiner. Now, I have decided to put in some sense of COMPULSION to join the sessions regularly; those who will list up into this RESUMPTION of the YOGA sessions, will be required to commit the payment of FINES in case of absence or tardiness. The funds to be collected thereafter will form part and will eventually be used for the YEAR-END CHRISTMAS PARTY of the YOGA aspiring- yogis.]


In 2010, I earnestly, nay eagerly started–

YOGA practice, thus shelving  badminton play indeed;

I really wanted more bone density,

YOGA, they say is the apt cup of tea.


Even served as YOGA guru–’tis swell,

Even bought the yoga mats & some towel;

Attendance reached some thirty plus three,

Of course the session was happy– it’s FREE!


As there was no compulsion to regularly join,

The strenuous and tiring YOGA session;

As in fact they share not even a coin,

Their joining thereafter would reach a cessation.


With the badminton hall’s renovation,

Indeed, it brought involuntary cessation;

But now, they crave and pine for some action,

Saying: “Where’s the GURU…such idle inaction.”


And as the repair & repainting gets done,

We’ll have to resume the stretching with fun;

But now to insure that there will be people,

We’ll have to assess some FINE sans scruple!


As I designed the mass practice with kin;

Thereafter, those kith also want the slow spin;

For YOGA indeed must be practiced with people,

Practicing it SOLO, creates some sort of trouble.


YOGA indeed is taxing, too perspiring;

But with joiners around, it induces some laughing;

And when you’re stressed or depressed,

The companionship session is BEST!




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