[Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has flown to PERU for his first Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders Meeting which is scheduled from November 19-20, 2016. President Duterte will continuously be under the watchful and expectant gaze of a curious foreign press, many of whom may be wondering what controversial thing he will say next. Indeed, there has been enhanced interest in  President Duterte among foreign journalists, according to Malacañang (i.e. Philippine President’s Official Residence) insiders privy to requests for media coverage of President Duterte’s activities in this annual trade summit featuring the leaders of 21 Pacific Rim economies.]


With BLOOMBERG’s citing of PH of 7.1 economic growth,

The APEC at PERU will be a place where envoys would root;

And President DIGONG DUTERTE will surely be–

The cynosure of lauds & praises almost like our homegrown JOLLIBEE!


The PHILIPPINES has now truly become,

ASIA’s rising STAR—‘tis not a SCAM;

CHINA has even been outpaced;

It’s an inceptive SUCCESS for PH, but not LOTUS-laced!


With 84 percent recent SATISFACTION RATING,

Surely, Duterte will have a SELFIE with PUTIN;

I just do not know about BARACK OBAMA,

He’s now just a lame duck, just like in a DRAMA.


It’s good that Duterte opted to go!

At first it was almost, a sure NO-GO!

But as this is his first APEC summit,

His dread for long-haul flight…he’ll overcome it.



And this will be DUTERTE’s APEC debut,

He said he has rehearsed as though in a cue;

And that if he’ll be put in some kind of situation,

He’ll lecture any critic with the finer points of civilization.


Duterte has been hostile with Western powers like US and EU,

But now with TRUMP’s triump, he’s somewhat changed his view;

For with the vaunted TRIAD of TRUMP, PUTIN & XI,

Duterte might even add –a forceful CHI!


He’ll surely be LIONIZED by the foreign media,

A 3rd world leader though, but is full of charisma;

And though he is inclined to do some cussing,

He doesn’t mean ill; it’s his style of gawky “blessing”?



And so unto you, my Idol & Friend JC;

Since you’ve had an addition in the family,

I’ll fervently pray for your cute little baby,

And I hope you’ll pray too– for our Prexy DU30.



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