[Photo shows a selfie taken by the BIRTHDAY BOY himself, my nephew SEAN-CONRAD VENAL with his lovely fiancee LEAH MITCHELL. I was truly amazed when on a holiday trip in Sydney, Australia where the VENALs are based; as I was looking for a gift item and almost ready to give up on the search, SEAN proved to be an angel. SEAN was able to locate a store carrying the item in its stocks and I was able to get hold of it in a jiffy. SEAN is celebrating his 30th birthday today.]


The son of my cousin Annabelle,

His mother is of the LLORCA cell;

He was sired by a father– debonair,

The VALOROUS VENALs of Quakers!


SEAN is IT Recruitment Consultant,

Of the Clarius/Ignite Services camp;

He has risen to the Senior Consultant rank,

Starting out as a Team Leader, as its assistant!


SEAN prides himself of exceeding client’s expectation,

And soon will be singing a nuptial song;

Thus, shortly that kind of expectation,

Will be LEAH MITCHELL’s hankering for a scion.


Got so fascinated when we went to Sydney for a trip,

Been looking for an item in the whole of the city;

I was looking for some kind of a strip…

A grass-strip placed on some sort of a bootie…


But when I sought SEAN’s helpful aid,

It’s as if he just went through in a glade;

After doing a search in the forest of a mall,

He turned up in a wink like a sudden gust of a squall!


When I saw the birthday greeting of his Dad,

I am sure the family truly loves this not so young lad;

For at age THIRTY; he’ll sure get a PRETTY…

A pretty damsel, LEAH MITCHELL, for a FIANCEE!


So, as your uncle and as your Face Book mate,

Stay bold, daring and energetic;

Your Dad will surely &  joyfully shout: “FANTASTIC”!

When you’ve reached your APEX… a success that everyone will emulate.



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