[President Rodrigo Roa Duterte accepted in the first week of September 2016 the country’s chairmanship of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) for 2017.In a speech during the closing ceremony of the ASEAN Summit, Duterte said he will “highlight ASEAN as a model of regionalism and a global player with the interest of the people at its core.”]


It has seemed to be the emerging mantra,

ASIA for ASIA- led by the past sleeping dragon-that’s CHINA;

And now it would seem that it is completely taboo…

To speak and laud about Uncle Sam’s crew!


The DU30 administration crafted an independent position,

Detached from the WHITE HOUSE;

As they say– it is good for the nation,

And fumigate those “interests”, like a LOUSE in its bastion!


The heavy traffic in our tiny nation,

Was brought by those things of locomotion;

The U.S. lobbied against the train,

The import of Chevy and GM cars must remain.


When development of the train system,

–came to fore, for the nation’s transport regimen;

Certain interests countered –that COAL is dirty,  black.. a bad omen…

“’Tis, not good for the environment.”


And the petrol & diesel too, will not

be sold in toto

Western interests will squeak, and will surely go loco;

The trains if then, were imported and installed in our rails,

Petrol, diesel and car will surely register meager sales!


And now, as it seems Malaysia has joined in,

PM Razak declared a tune — to DU30’s stance… well it’s akin;

And if this stand would roll in…

In time, DU30 would be truly jet- setting!


After flying to China and then, soaring up to Russia,

Duterte could unite and rally the ASEAN nations to stay…

To stay put in ASIA, and cooperate in sweet fantasia;

For the Russian state indeed… is truly 80 % ASIA.*

*[For ages, the issue as to whether Russia is European or Asian has been debated. Almost 80 per cent of Russia, indeed a larger part of its huge landmass is located in Asia, but not much populated; while more Russians live in the country’s European part.]






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