[The leadership style of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte appears to fit into a T the requirements of domination and clout to effectively eradicate the DRUG menace, thwart government corruption and reduce criminality in our Philippine nation. As I have earlier postulated, the Filipino psyche needs an authoritarian leader  who ought to instill some degree of fear, before total obeisance is had to obey the law  and keep the peace and order (most especially when you are dealing with those who are mischievous and lawless). With DU30, as our incumbent President, it would augur well perhaps to allow him the chance to prove his worth and his very style of governance. Others have looked upon DU30’s emergence as our country’s leader as some stroke of Divine Provenance — a gift to our nation. Indeed, the best gifts are not those wrapped in golden trinkets….]


 Is it a flaw or just plain saw?

Filipinos indeed will not forgo!

A frame of mind, or a vote in line;

For a candidate, whom they think is fine.

They say, PINOYS are so litigious,

Just check the nearest clerk of court;

You’ll see a list; it’s so atrocious,

A lot of cases; a long report.

A petty case when it is filed,

Surely will reach the highest tribunal;

They’ll say that it’s the principle which got defiled,

They’ll wait for it, written in an annal.

And when it speaks of a grand election,

For President and senatoriables;

After the canvassing’s termination,

They’re still at it; as though pitching balls.

Even if the election got just ended,

They’re still at it, as though polls just started;

Pillorying the candidate they do not want,

And praising to high heavens, their bet’s bouffant.

They’ll say that there indeed was cheating,

And will not respect the COMELEC’s counting;

Some’ll even pretend that they voted for him,

Saying…”what a disappointment”, it’s sort of grim.

From Aguinaldo’s time till that of PNOY,

It seems Filipinos came into strange colloquy;

Always divisive and full of strife,

When will our nation attain full-united LIFE.

This time of DUTERTE, it’s just the same prey,

DUTERTE is pummeled, like a thug in a fray;

Even dubbed as a PSYCHOPATH,

As though, these critics want a bloodbath.

 F. Sionil Jose said in his peroration,

Nothing good will happen to our nation;

If DUTERTE is killed or just even ousted—

Revolution, indeed, has just truly started.

Jose’s spiel must be fully supported,

It’s DUTERTE’s revolution for our own kindred;

His ascendance to power is indeed unique,

An administration which is truly first non-oligarchic…

So to you, my KITH and KIN,

Please be sober in your thought and mien;

If not for DUTERTE, I tell you true,

Our country’s posterity will be black and blue.

Let’s give him a chance; not just a perchance,

For the way to reform is not done like a dance;

We’ll have to support — truly help DIGONG,

For our state is at stake, where we all BELONG!

So, let’s stop all PARTISANSHIP,

To steady and strengthen our KINSHIP;

It’s our final and last streak to GREATNESS,

PHILIPPINES-it’s our people’s only NEST!

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