[For years before the Spaniards arrived in our midst, there already was an ongoing trade between Manila and China. It is high time indeed that we revive that trade relationship. The photo at left gives an account of what was termed as the SAMPAN Trade which featured trade with Chinese merchants and Spaniards in Manila. The depiction at the right photo features the profile of CHINA-ASEAN trade in 2014. It is high time too that Manila should take the lion’s share in that trade with the business opportunities opened up by Pres.Duterte’s recent trip to CHINA.]


It’s good that the opportunity arrived,

For full trade relations with CHINA;

The PRE-HISPANIC nexus has thus come alive!

Which will surely be good for Manila.


With CHINA’s 1.5 Billion population,

It  will be much benefit for our nation;

Exporting bananas from our plantation,

Will bring IN much denomination!


And mangoes too will be demanded,

For it’s so sweet; so luscious indeed;

For every fruit that will be sold,

Its appeal will continuously be foretold.


And even our good nata de coco,

Will  surely be  a good sell, per kilo!

They say that it has some healthy benefits;

That’s the gist of a Japanese expert’s speech.

One point five billion mouths to bite,

The succulent banana or our Formosa pinya is good delight;

Our sugar industry will be prancing!

As a lot of sweet tooth will be truly cavorting…

Alas! ahoy …our TOURIST trade!

Will surely experience an upward grade;

5 million tourists from CHINA per year,

It’s just a start; it surely will go high gear!


Sales of everything will go booming!

As Chinese tourists will go shopping;

And it’s a must that we must learn,

We ought to be conversant in Mandarin!


Language courses will thus sprout,

As those Chinese dialects become devout—

Cantonese, Mandarin and Fookien;

We’ll even “SINO-FY” our face & mien!


The distance too is so attractive,

For it’s so near, not far indeed…

The easy travel from Manila to China;

Like a “slomo” trip, sort of, “kinda”…


So, we ought to praise DUTERTE…

For it was he who caused the SHIFT,

And surely CHINA will bring a gleeful ARIA;

A nice refrain to our SONATA!


SONATA indeed for it’s pure music!

Just like Manila’s Chinatown  near Meisic,

For it’s symphony when two (2) Orientals;

Would blend in trade FOR  wherewithals!


















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