[President Rodrigo Roa Duterte gets a TRUST RATING of EXCELLENT in the recent survey conducted by the Philippines’ SOCIAL WEATHER STATION (SWS). This is an opportune development which could perhaps convey to the international community that DU30’s DRUG WAR must not be indiscriminately censured and pilloried. In the style of CHINA, other generous and human-rights’ minded 1st world nations, perhaps should follow suit and donate funds to put up DRUG REHABILITATION CENTERS in the whole of the archipelago. Thus, supporting DU30’s noble DRUG ERADICATION CAMPAIGN while keeping the bounds within the parameters of the standard precepts of HUMAN RIGHTS.]

SWS gave Duterte an EXCELLENT grade;

It is said that this is FIRST in over 2 decade,

It’s his FIGHT against DRUGS w/c is at stake…

Anti-Duterte trolls will denigrate!

My friend JC will surely raise hell;

 Even propping DU30’s spiel: “GO TO HELL”!

My brod GB will shirk in ANGER,

I hope he’d not lose his TEMPER…

JC predicts DU30’s reign will be quick;

Oh NO! I said his ears are GIGANTIC,

My brod GB censured my morality…

Killings, he said, is not his cup of tea.

But they are both thousands of miles away;

In fact sashaying in the streets of LA!

I hope someday they’ll come back here…

And see our streets, devoid of fear!

All Filipinos must jointly unite;

We really have to scrub off this BLIGHT!

This DRUG MENACE, if not eradicated…

Our future leaders will soon be dictated!


DRUG LORDS will reign and not AFRAID!

And will steer our country just like their TRADE,

And like Colombia of yesteryears!

We’ll have an ESCOBAR– we’ll all be in tears!

Levity aside; JC and GB may have been transmogrified;

 As BROWN AMERICANS, truly stateside!

And now they think & talk & see…

As their gritty guide…the  STATUE OF LIBERTY!!!

Hooray for JC and GB!!!!


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