[Photo above shows the VENALs and the would-be VENALs fashionably dressed/attired like those  elegant guests at the Sydney Opera Bar whom I espied on my first up close and personal sighting of the SPLENDID SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE on September 9, 2016. From L-R: Sean, Leah Mitchell, Jun, Kit, JC, Krystle and Matti.]


Quakers Hill      is the vibrant village where the family home of the Venal clan composed of its household head, Conrado “Jun” Venal and his dainty wife, Annabelle “Kit” Venal (together with their youngest child Krystle), is located. Quakers Hill indeed, has become a fairly populated suburb, experiencing major growth in recent years. The famed Quakers Hill Parkway bridge (going over the train line) has been widened from two to four lanes; population has indeed risen and numerous educational institutions are existing.   Truly, a vibrant village among the suburban districts of  Sydney, NSW.

Jun and Kit, both Filipinos at birth (the latter being a first cousin of mine) migrated to Sydney, Australia in 1982 and found greener pastures therein. Personally, I admire to a great extent,  people who displays valor and much courage in migrating to another country, uprooting one selves from their native land and to be away from their origins, their beginnings and their own natural hub.

And I admire most especially, Jun and Kit for having spearheaded the sequel migration of Kit’s older sisters (i.e. Kit is the youngest sister among her siblings of the Llorca-Tobias clan based in Murphy, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines); namely: Arlene aka Beth now known as Arlene Lever of Oxley Park, NSW and Araceli aka Cely aka Sally Beckham of Rooty Hill, NSW. 

Now, Arlene aka Beth is happily married to that suave and sociable Aussie of Irish descent, Steve Lever, who is so madly in love with her. Indeed, if not for Jun and Kit, Beth would have not found paradise in the persona of his lover, soul-mate and friend,  the smooth and slick Steve.

On the other hand, Cely got transformed and has metamorphosed into a beauty therapist thereby allowing her to hobnob and rub elbows with Sydney’s crème de la crème and the city’s upper crust particularly of the venerably-aged variety.

Jun and Kit are the proud parents of three (3) responsible and loving kids, namely:  John-Conrad (“JC”) who is the eldest having been born in 1983, Sean-Conrad (“Sean”), who is the middle-child having been born in 1986 and the youngest, Krystle-Anne (“Krystle”), who was born in 1995.

JC works as a Mortgage Settlement Officer, Sean as a specialist IT Recruitment Consultant; while Krystle just commenced studies at the Macquarie University in the Creative Field.

Jun is still at it working in Sydney, NSW’s bureaucracy continuously displaying his courage and valor in efforts to maintain placid peace and social order in this splendid Sydney of Oz.  On the other hand, Kit exhibits her valor and courage too, in tune with the bold, brave  and innovative spirit customarily shown by SONY, AUSTRALIA, where Kit works, in churning out new and similarly bold and brave models and brands of home appliances and electronic appointments.

Next year, Sean (who now lives in Olympic Park which plausibly explains his “Olympics Games-inspired” heft and the cock-sure image and the swagger of an USAIN BOLT), the couple’s (i.e. Jun and Kit) middle child will express his own valor by embracing domesticity in married life, via bringing to the altar his fiancée, Aussie Leah Mitchell.  JC, on the other hand, is affianced too unto Edrea Teo, while Krystle is dating Chile-born and Leonardo di Caprio-look alike, Matti Bolla.

As Matti, a Spanish-speaking Chilean, would surely holler and howl, with the valor and courage shown by the VENALs—VIVA VALOROSOS VENAL!


[The macho-honcho of the Quaker Hills Venal clan, Conrado “Jun” Venal, is shown in this photo at left, with my son Tonton at center; and with Jun’s beauteous wife, Kit (my maternal first cousin), at right. Photo was taken during my birthday bash held at the Oxley Park home of Mr. & Mrs. Steve and Beth Lever on September 12, 2016.]

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