[Left photo shows Incoming PNP Chief, Gen.Ronald “Bato*” Dela Rosa who announced that the purge that he will implement within the ranks of the PNP will be “BLOODY”. Right photo shows Incoming NBI top honcho , Dante Gierran, who also received the marching order of President-elect Rody Duterte to “kill” any officer or agent from the NBI who would turn out to be involved in the illegal drug trade. (*”Bato” denotes being as HARD AS ROCK.)]

An old man once told me that the reason why our country, the Philippines, has not developed into full maturity and nationhood as well as into a brisk economic progress for so long a time now is that our country never experienced a full-scale civil war. As I got so intrigued with the old man’s stance and as I pressed him more as to what he really meant, the wizened and bent-over old man, grotesquely told me that our well-loved land must first be drenched with blood for it to metamorphose into a great and prosperous nation. Thereafter, he offhandedly ticked off some names of prosperous countries, nay great nations, which went through the horrors of a civil war, notably Great Britain, USA, China and South Korea.

I actually shuddered at the thought of our country going through a despicable civil war, but the thought of drenching our native soil with blood could now actually come with the incoming Duterte administration.

Indeed, macabre and bizarre it would seem, I would rather choose our native land to be drenched with blood of drug lords, gambling lords, war lords and all kinds of criminal syndicate lords. I would rather choose the foregoing instead of the innocent youth to die. To die due to some kind of adventurism-instinct urge etched in the youths’ subconscious “id” yearning to taste and experience some kind of “recreational” hallucination via those well-known party pills/drugs. And I would rather choose the blood of all kinds of evil lords instead of the blood of the young and the relatively good citizenry of our country to be poured and drenched unto our native land.

Incoming PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa has described the purge that would take place upon the assumption of the new administration which he said is principally aimed at ridding the ranks of the police force of our country, as “BLOODY”. In one of his TV talks, Gen. Dela Rosa declared that he was supposedly  given the marching order by President-elect Rody Duterte for him to personally kill any police officer who is involved in the illegal drug trade. Also, incoming NBI Director, Dante Gierran, was given the same marching order to personally kill any NBI agent who is involved in the illegal drug trade.

Indeed, with the rabid infestation of the illegal drug trade in the whole of the Philippine archipelago, drastic and draconian measures really have to be adopted to effect the needed drastic change. Verily, I feel that the advocates and champions of human rights should at the moment bow down and let the rights of the predominant majority of our people who have yearned and pined for long to have a drug-free country,  be now allowed to hold sway.

As I am a Roman Catholic, I got so intrigued with a slogan which I read in one of President-elect Rody Duterte’s campaign posters, which reads something like this: “I would rather choose to stay and suffer in HELL just as to insure that the Filipino people would enjoy their stay in our country as though in PARADISE.”

Though I did not vote for President-elect Rody Duterte, I now feel that I have been transformed into a 100 per cent Duterte supporter. I also feel that his election into the Presidency was providential (amidst the grave drug-infestation in the country which would seem to be almost in the brink of Colombia’s Pablo Escobar days). Indeed, I am now sure that President-elect Duterte is the only one among the candidates for President in the 2016 national election who could truly effect the needed CHANGE, and certainly no other.

I now believe that our country, the Philippines, has gone down to the level of the most serious case of having become a haven of drugs and criminality and those ultra-drastic measures must now be adopted. And we all have to save our children from the drug menace!!!!

Long live the youth of the Philippines! Long live the Filipino family! Long live the Philippines! Long live President-elect Rody Duterte!

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