[Left photo shows the cliff-diving spot at Tali Beach Resort; while the right photo shows the part of the sala of the Balay ni Fe plus the stairs leading to the mansion’s topmost floors.]

I have heard about Tali Beach Resort since years ago. But I never had the chance to visit the place. It was good that my daughters who have become so expert in the art of GOOGLING, came up with this idea of visiting the place during the Lenten break. We thus traveled to Nasugbu, a pastoral town in Batangas in the southern part of Luzon, Philippines.

Tali Beach is a stunning tropical getaway. It indeed is an apt characterization of a “home away from home” which is about 3 hours drive from Quezon City via the Tagaytay track or about 2 and half hours via the Cavitex route.

We stayed at the Balay ni Fe which is situated at the end of the road from the Tali Beach Resort entrance gate along Seaside Drive. It was a fully furnished mansion with wonderful amenities and a verdant garden full of lush and bush.

The Balay ni Fe house is a huge mansion with a high-ceilinged sala with an equally huge dining table consisting of an au naturel varnished long thick and massive hard wood.

The Balay ni Fe has a master bedroom and another 2-double bed guestroom at the ground floor. The second floor which is accessible through a wide and unrestricted staircase made of hardwood similarly varnished au naturel features, towards its right, a long bedchamber which could accommodate a row of THREE (3) double beds.

At the top of the stairs on the second floor, towards the left part, is another bedchamber which can commodiously accommodate TWO (2) double beds.

At the topmost floor which features a veranda overlooking a cute but modestly-sized bean-shaped pool, is the billiard room.

A small kitchen lies at the northeastern portion of the mansion; while a larger dirty kitchen is located in some kind of an adjunct house located at the northern part of the almost 3,000 square meter lot.

But what really takes the cake in the most positive tenor, is the Balay ni Fe’s nearness to the Sunset Beach place and the Cliff Diving Site, just about a couple of steps away.

At the Cliff Diving site which is located behind the most grandiose white mansion (reportedly owned by the managing partner of the most prestigious law firm in the country nowadays) are two (2) favorite diving spots: the HIGH and the LOW.

I did some kind of a jump, sort of a spring and a leap movement, “feet-first” style; from the LOW spot as the Balay ni Fe’s caretaker, Mang Mauro, sort of intimidated me, with scary stories of fatal leaps from the cliff.

On the other hand, my son, Walter Anthony “Tonton”, did a real DIVE from the HIGH spot, which is about 30 feet high…and Ton talked about his experience in his FB timeline as a  “cliff-dive… where it hurts the most for boys”.  Ton’s friend commented on his FB page and aptly described Ton’s  dive as some kind of “bird landing”.


[A selfie taken by my son, Walter Anthony Young, showing the front view of the Balay ni Fe at the Tali Beach Resort in Nasugbu, Batangas.]


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