In December 2012, I was almost finished putting through the final details to a biographical book which I wrote about my father Daddy Max P. Young. The title of the coffee-table style biographical book is: FOREVER YOUNG – A WALK THROUGH THE LIFE OF MAXIMO PURISIMA YOUNG.  As in all tedious book-writing project, as was conveyed to me by friends who have gotten the experience (considering all the more that I was writing my first book); delays would usually mar the book’s launching. The book’s launching was originally set on a Saturday on July 28, 2012 to coincide with Daddy Max’s 90th birthday celebration (actually, Daddy Max’s birth date is July 30 though his birthday celebrations have always been held on Saturdays). Ultimately, the actual book launching happened on July 27, 2013 at the Tejeros Hall of the Camp Aguinaldo Officers’ Club in Quezon City, Philippines.

After the book-launching, I thought of writing more about the other members of our family, our clan which is composed of my SEVEN (7) siblings, FIVE (5) brothers and TWO (2) sisters, together with their respective family. As the trek that I trod in writing Daddy Max’s bio-book proved fun-filled and exciting (discovering new and unheard of things about my father as I diligently searched and scrounged for information and relevant materials); I could feel that my future writings would be fun-filled too.

When I was trying to look for a background design for this blog site, upon my Law Office’s secretary’s (i.e. Ms. Ella Hadap) suggestion, I typed out the title of this blog site (to get into and access relevant images as a possible apt backdrop-wallpaper of my site) and found out that a book has been written already, with almost the same title.  Anyway, I opted to shun further “ruminations” to look for a new title as I decided to stick with the title as it is. On the matter of my “peregrinations”, I would also want to write about my travel experiences with my family and friends just like my trip to India last year where I learned that the Sikhs also have their own kind of “holy communion”  as I saw it practiced at the Golden Temple in Amritsar. But what would be more incredible and intriguing to narrate is my experience at the fringes of the Vatican in the Parioli District in Rome in 1998 when I, unintentionally got into concelebrating the Holy Mass with Fr. Bocos and a host of other Claretian priests at the Claretian  chapel of “Casa de Santa Marta” along the Via del Sacro Cuore di Maria.



  1. this blog give me inspiration to create my daddys autobio: he served
    USN and composed 5 diaries of his years at sea around 1945.

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